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gel or foam

Gel Comfort Saddle

The motorcycle saddle gel solution does not change the appearance of the saddle.
Gel brings comfort:​
- Custom cut gel plate;
- Evenly distributes body weight across the entire seating surface.
- Counteracts the punctual pressure exerted on the sit bones and thus puts an end to the problems of blood circulation and numbness of the legs, likely to appear during long journeys.
- Dampens vibrations and jolts and thus relieves joints, back and spine.

There are several urban legends about motorcycle seat gel.

According to some, the frost would harden in the winter with the cold and soften in the summer with the heat.

It may have been true at one time, but today the material that constitutes the gel does not change with temperature.

The plastic bag that surrounds the gel does not risk being pierced, nor the gel flowing. The material is viscous but not liquid, the plastic bag just keeps the material clean during handling. Theoretically, gel could be used without it being in a plastic bag, it would simply be less pleasant to the touch for the saddler.

The gel is compatible with an original heated saddle, it must be placed under the resistance.

Foam comfort saddle

This is either to add a layer of foam above the original foam  or to replace the original foam with foam adapted to your morphology, which does not not raise the saddle height too much in order to always keep your feet on the ground.

In general, we manage to replace the original cover by playing on the locations of the staples and the elasticity of the imitation leather. Sometimes we are forced to redo a custom cover that adapts to the new design of this comfort saddle.

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